Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Bumping Lake Retreat Experience 2012

I was greeted by a gremlin made of deer bones, sitting on the windowsill at the cabin. It had been assembled from bones that we had retrieved from the woods several years ago.
Every year I make a pilgrimage up to the waterfall above the cabin and check on the Chicken of the Woods mushroom that grows just below it. The first time I saw this fungus, the trunk it grows from was still standing upright. The trunk has fallen but the fungus is still going strong. I got there too late to harvest it for dinner this year, though. (That's it, the big white thing falling off the side of the log in the photo to the left below.)

On another day when it was super sunny out, I walked up the Bumping Lake Trail that winds through the woods and next to the lake. (above, right) One last look across the mirrored surface of the lake:
Please visit my blog if you'd like to see the artwork I made during the retreat:
Spirit Bear Series by Rebecca Bush.


gudrun said...

Lovely, Rebecca. I feel stress melting away as I remember....

Suzy Cyr said...

Awesome photo of the lake and love the bone gremlin! I want to go back with all of you!