Monday, July 25, 2011

Drawing on paintings and drawing conclusions!

After having missed 2 meetings, I was so glad to be back at the Sea Horse Studio in July. The gardens were full of lush vegetation and all the animals were full of energy. Besides finding myself mixed up in the new puppy's game of hide and seek with the grumpy old cat and helping capture a batch of crickets in the kitchen, I also managed to see some artwork over the course of the evening.
Here we have Michelle fearlessly drawing on top of a perfectly lovely wet oil painting with an oil pastel!

Later in the evening, Jo asked for our input on the rough layouts for her new picture book. I enjoyed looking across the table at Jo and Gudrun and imagining that Suzy's beautiful silk wrapped antlers were coming out of their heads!

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Rebecca Bush said...

I must add that I have so enjoyed watching this group grow and follow their individual directions over the past 10+ years.