Monday, April 25, 2011

April Critique Meeting - Part I

Lovely meeting - with so many varied projects. Some of us are in early sketching stages, while others-

Michelle continues with her fabulous painting -

Gudrun and her sculpture -

Kathleen and her ongoing cool experiments!

So looking forward to Rebecca's one-woman show in June!!

Suzy, who is teaching far and wide - and doing so many different projects -

Isobel, who is doing some really beautiful collage work out of very creative materials -

And Sarah - who brought this beautiful prayer jar that she designed and help make.....

It was also a month of birthdays, so there was much cake and celebrating -

- with 'favors'! (Lovely antique glass 'Cinderella' slippers filled with spring!)

There was even MORE spring at the meeting - see part II of this post!

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