Thursday, November 18, 2010

November Critique Meeting!

Another month, another pile of fabulous work happening -

Michelle is chugging right along preparing for her one-woman gallery show in February.

Rebecca continues to produce fabulously charming things - this time combining paintings, fabric and embroidery.

Sarah - who's biggest project of the moment is just turning 6 months old (and was home sleeping) - brought an awe-inspiring baby-scrapbook....

Kathleen showed off her latest book efforts, with wonderfully effective computer-drawn sketches printed on watercolor paper and painted in limited palette oil-washes.

Jo brought a sampling of lovely personal projects she's been able to work on (finally! Yay for down time.)

Suzy is still teaching up a storm, as well as painting Yupo horses for print sales.

And thanks to all you girls for the fixes on my book spreads! It takes a village to illustrate a book, I tell ya...

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Rebecca Bush said...

Thanks for documenting a great evening!