Sunday, September 19, 2010

retreat memories

Thank you all again for a marvelously relaxing and energizing few days. There was an exceptional sense of "flow" I thought--perhaps because I was not being hounded by fairy horses this time. While I was greatly inspired by Kathleen's garden offerings, those pieces will have to wait until our next meeting. I worked on this piece over several nights from a color photograph I love, placed in my Michelle-type notebook, and I enjoyed the process immensely.

Poor Suzy, due to the immense size of her silk paintings,was often relegated to the front room alone. I am glad she was also working on other projects that allowed her to be with the rest of us!

Mushrooms as always. My powers of funghi recognition are pitiful--I've suggested that we need a primer before venturing out next time.

Such exceptional weather and such a beautiful spot in the world.

and our fat little friend bustling about the important things in life.

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