Wednesday, July 14, 2010

July Critique Meeting -

It's July - and that means Suzy's Birthday!

(Jo made possibly the World's Yummiest Fruity Tiramisu to celebrate).
And while we all had work and art-things to discuss the most entertaining thing was this month's mascot:

 (Suzy's rescued baby crow that is being hand -raised and is *very* friendly).

Always an adventure. :-)


Rebecca Bush said...

Thanks for posting those photos of the crow on my head. That is hilarious!

isobel said...

I LOVE this picture of Rebecca's adorable expression, cute wince with the crow attention she is getting! Fun to see what everyone is up to! Miss you all, but busy as a bee here. Taking a cyanotype class at Pratt this weekend and turning a den into a bedroom for my eldest who will be home for the fall. P-Patch garden has bionic everything thanks to Suzy's special horse poop! See you at Cousin Camp next week Suzy!