Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I Made a Cafe Press Shop!

And you can too!
Have you ever wanted to see your artwork or designs on a coffee mug or t-shirt?

After you create a Cafe Press Store, you simply upload a digital file of your artwork and "place" it on a variety of products from cards to aprons. After that, anyone can place an order for any quantity of your products at the click of a mouse!

To get started, first check out the specs for the digital file size so that your file will print up well at all sizes. Cafe Press has a page where you can download templates for each of their products that will show you the exact dimensions of the printable image.

I knew that I wanted to make t-shirts, coffee mugs and cards, so I chose the template for the largest product, the t-shirt, and created all my graphics at that size (10" x 10"). You can always shrink your art down for the smaller products without losing any resolution, but you can't blow up small images without them getting all fuzzy!

This was a lot of fun. I have no expectations to that many of these products will sell - there only about 10 million shops on Cafe Press and I don't plan on doing any marketing.

But how fun would it be to be able to order up an original gift and have it shipped directly to a friend or family member?

(Disclaimer: I have not actually ordered one of my products yet, so I'm not positive what the quality is like!)

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jog said...

Wow! Good for you Rebecca--a couple of us have talked about this but never got our acts together to actually do it. And, I love your disclaimer although I think someone knew the proverbial someone who DID check out the products and found them to be good??? Anyone?