Monday, May 10, 2010

May Critique Meeting -

This month's critique meeting ended up being more party than critique -

Behold the spread of delights to celebrate Sarah's Imminent Birth! :-D

(and also behold the itty-bitty buttonquail eggs!! They looked for all the world like olives! Same color and size. See one hard-boiled and halfed on the right - next to the berry for scale...)

We snacked and tasted and nibbled to our hearts content -while we heard about Michelle's month-long sojourn to Europe, Kathleen's 2 finished book projects, Gudrun's house selling, etc.. etc...

Then we got serious about the Baby Shower part. :-) Being that it was Sarah, we had decided on an aquatic theme (octopuses are an ongoing motif...)

See lovely Sarah and all her booty! A fish aquarium with elements from our retreat and felted sea creatures, an oceanic mini-quilt, and miscellaneous baby-goodness...

Congrats Sarah! We're all looking forward to meeting this lucky little boy!

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