Tuesday, April 27, 2010

This is Where We Start

A few months ago I was perusing the Artist Opportunities on Artist Trust website and I saw one for The Fiction Project at the Brooklyn Art Library.
The way it works is that you send them $18 and they send you a blank book and a randomly assigned theme.

My theme is "This is Where We Start" and I just started working on it, stream of consciousness/ diary style not sure where it really was going.

So far my story has followed my return to my old job as a security guard at the art museum and the decision to part with my car. I'm a bit over half way through. Bigfoot, Hammering Man, and Dzunukwa have made appearances woven together with metaphors for travel and the body as vehicle for the soul.

The guidelines for the Fiction Project is to fill your book with 50% pictures and 50% words and send it back by the deadline, May 23rd. Then all the books will be in the Fiction Project Show at the Brooklyn Art Library this summer and then become part of their collection.

I'd love to be able to attend the opening! We'll see if I can swing a vehicle to make it there.


jog said...

As a fellow Honda lover, I am sad for your little car, but it had great heart and did well for you all of these years. I salute it!

I think a project like this is brave--I HATE committing myself in diary form, always have, and I have always envied those able to do it--I can't wait to see the finished book (I hope we all get to see at least some of it at the next meeting before it goes off?)

Rebecca Bush said...

Thanks for the note, Jo. I did not bring it to the meeting, but plan to scan the whole thing before I send it away and will post some it on my blog.