Saturday, February 20, 2010

February Critique Meeting -

My camera battery ran out during the meeting so I only got a few pictures.
Plus, we very much missed Gudrun and Sarah...
Michelle, of course, has been painting away. She had an opening for her current show this past week (which I hope she will post about. The pieces that I did see looked wonderful).

Rebecca brought this practically perfect self-portrait that she had done for a show...

Kathleen is working on multiple picture books, and we got to see one of her latest in print.

Suzy continues making lovely seaweed prints - and we vote she puts together a show of seaweed, etching and silk with her underwater theme connecting them all. :-)
Jo and I are still working on the last Wind Dancer book and Jo is also squeezing in a lovely little decorative floral gift book in all her 'spare' time.

I also got sung 'Happy Birthday' to - and since I am avoiding flour/sugar (hence, no cake) I was happily treated to chocolate-marshmallow yummies instead. :-)

Thanks girls.

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Rebecca Bush said...

"Practically perfect" self portrait??? I seem to have missed the "critique" part of this.... Was it the squirrel??? ;)