Sunday, February 28, 2010


As you probably know, Suzy has been incubating eggs this past month...

A couple of weeks ago, she had a small batch of her trademarked Seramas hatch.

(In case you are unfamiliar, the Seramas are the tiniest little bantam chickens - with those fabulous upright necks and tails...) But if you think those are tiny, wait! and behold!

They are the teeniest, tiniest, fuzzy little stripey things! Rather like bumblebees with beaks.

(Here is the entire clutch of *17* in the palms of Suzy's hands...!)

(And Suzy - please post more pictures of them as they grow).


Rebecca Bush said...

So cute! I love the little tabby stripes on the handful of button quail. Thanks for the field trip. I remember them when they were just eggs in front of a light bulb.

isobel said...

Adorable tiny fuzzy things! I just finished "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle", by Barbara Kingsolver, and loved the drama of the story at the end about the turkey sex and subsequent nest of eggs, funny mothers, and then babies! That's just the remedy for us nearing empty nesters status is chicken or quail babies! Will your quail produce edible eggs?