Friday, January 22, 2010

January's Critique Meeting -

We missed Rebecca and Jo tonight, but it was great seeing what everyone else is up to -

Michelle, of course, continues to dazzle with progress and productivity. She showed us some samples from her latest 2 week workshop and talks of her upcoming month in Europe and her 2 pending gallery shows. Michelle continues to inspire at such high levels!

Suzy keeps busy with teaching, more silk painting, and incubating new chicken eggs. (Studio cat glowers from behind the printing press during our goings-on...)

Kathleen has two books on the boards (which look awesome) - and kindly showed me samples of her oil-glazing life painting (a thing I needs to try at some point!)

Gudrun, in between sorting *all* of her belongings is busily busily sculpting - both sculpy horses and felted critters of all sorts. Plus pulling out and looking at all of her paintings again. I feel a huge burst of creativity and productivity coming to a peak here.

Sarah is still juggling her many activities - one of which is finishing up this lovely painting...

Jo and I are still slogging through these books (a couple samples of mine are posted on my blog). (Rebecca - feel free to update us on what you're up to).

Until February!

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Rebecca Bush said...

Hey Gals! Sorry to miss out on the get together. Thanks for documenting. It is great to see everyone making cool stuff. I posted on my blog about the self portrait challenge that Isobel and I did last month:
Keep up the good work everybody!:)