Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Temporary Digression....

Over on tor.com, Irene Gallo has been hosting a thread: Show us your tentacles: A Lovecraft art meme which captured my fancy. I really don't have time to be doing anything but painting my current horse book, but due to forces that seemed beyond my control, I was unable to resist the compulsion to draw a Cthulhu of my own... I did a rough sketch of a tediously unoriginal critter trying to be sort of creepy when I realized that I needed to just go with what I've become practiced and adept at doing. Which is, turn *any* kind of thing into a fairy (since I've been doing almost nothing else but sparkly fairy illustration since the middle of 2006). So, I am 'embracing the cuteness' and the result is Fairy Cthulhu:

I am now seriously behind where I had hoped to be today, but it was an incredibly fun digression. Now back to the coal mines.

[Drawn in one of my Utrecht "oatmeal" paper sketchbooks. The paper is so lovely that I bought a small stack of various sizes. Drawn with graphite and white charcoal.]

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