Monday, November 09, 2009

Staying loose

I've been feeling quite lost since our retreat and am working every day to find where I want, or need, to go. Here are some drawings from a couple of long pose life sessions from this week and last week.
I am trying to stay loose, yet plan ahead.
I am also playing with a limited palette of three colors. Today I had fun 'drawing' with watercolors.


Rebecca Bush said...

Wow, Kathleen, I love these! Strong, loose, very beautiful. Courage-- it's hard to not know where you're going, but I think that it's the only way to get to someplace completely new, unique and your own!

Sarah said...

These are beautiful. I love how you are continually stretching your boundaries and playing with different possibilities. When I first saw the image at the top, I almost wondered if it was Suzy's...something about the use of colors and the looseness of the background - combined with the precise naturalism of the human form. This one really seems to capture your desire to "stay loose, yet plan ahead." I think you got it! My favorite part of this image is her torso, and everything above it. The colors are gorgeous - bold where they need to be and ultra subtle in others. The detail of the tattoo is great next to the abstraction of the rest of it. This is really lovely. It must be hard staying free with such a complex subject.

jog said...

Kathleen, you are always the inspiration for experimentation and growth--don't despair!!!

I too love the top one's torso--there is a real feeling of warmth in the skin and solidity of flesh.

The chair too feels very solid--and it seems to me that you are really beginning to feel comfortable with the paint instead of just using it to fill in your line work. As you leave some of the lines behind, those that are left become even more important.

The limited palette is very freeing even as it is limiting--isn't it?!

michelle said...

Wonderful Kathleen, I especially like the one with the tattoos. It's a lovely pose and you captured her elegant neck.