Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New Creations

Here are the two newest creations in my life. One is 30"x24," the other is about 3". Can you guess which is which? The smaller one is much more important to me. :-) A quick update: I'm at the beginning of the second trimester. Yesterday, I got the results back from some genetic testing, and everything looks good. So, I'm considered a "low risk" pregnancy. I'll find out the gender probably a few days before Christmas, which falls plop in the middle of my pregnancy - yay! Looking at this ultrasound picture, I am alternately moved deeply and weirded out that this little person is living inside me. It seems so very, very strange - and yet also a miracle.

I'll be telling my mom this Friday. I've waited so long to share the news because I don't get to see her often, but I've reserved a whole day of mother-daughter time with her this week. I would like to make a little art piece to give to her that somehow reflects this new phase of our mother-daughter-grandmother relationship. So, my question...How did you tell your mothers you were pregnant? Did you have any creative ways of sharing the news that were particularly special? Did you ever make art about it? I'd love to hear your ideas.

About the other piece...It's for a commission, and obviously it's just about half done. Is there anything that leaps out to you that I should change at this point? Any suggestions for the color/value of the night table? (The objects themselves are specific things in someone's house, so I have less freedom to change their color.) I usually like to build the painting up together as a cohesive whole, but I've been working on individual elements in this one because I've only had little bursts of time to work on it. All suggestions welcome!


Kathleen said...

Cute little peanut baby! I could never make heads or tail from our ultrasounds but this one is very clear. My mom could always tell by looking at me that I was pregnant, so it was never a matter of telling her at the right time. A joyful time for sure. So your mom may have an idea already, but if you haven't seen her, it will be a surprise. I know you will come up with something perfect and special.

As for your painting, I like the composition and colors so far, the stylized wrinkles are very interesting. It's hard to tell until everything is colored in about color and value balance.

I hope in your little bursts of free time you are getting to take lots of naps!

jog said...

The bottom creation is amazing and astounding! I hope you and your mom share a wonderful day.

For your painting (love the concept!)-- if the violins are brown (realistic as opposed to painted) then you will need something brown in the background set-up as well. I think this piece will work well in triangular patterns of 3--greens, blues, browns, and then will there be some splashes of something completely different, or just further combinations of a limited palette? The blanket (sheet?)wrinkles have a lot of weighty movement, and it's possible there may be a few too many--you'll have to see as you fill in the rest of the painting.

I am always amazed at what you manage to accomplish in your snatches of time--so much TALENT!

michelle said...

Congratulations on your amazing creation! So exciting to see his/her little face. Wait til little bb starts reacting to noises and movement and he/she is big enough you can feel the response. (such as the time I accidently put the coffee grinder on my stomach and poor little Sam startled in my stomach,I could feel him jump.

The painting is looking pretty cool too. I agree with Jo, there may be a few too many folds in the blanket, especially where they come to a point over the right violin.