Saturday, November 07, 2009

Color Options -

(click on picture for a larger view)
Having my normal struggle with color decisions... So can't decide.
Have any preferences? Alternate suggestions?


jog said...

The bottom right immediately stands out to me as the most Christmasy. The cerulean/cyan blue of the upper left makes it less wintry--at least on my monitor, the blue looks more ultramarine and wintry on the lower right.

I also like the upper right as it is very pleasing color-wise and maybe you should do that so it would stand out more on this Christmas poster of what are sure to be a lot of red and green images. It is still Christmasy enough. These are the colors of the piece with the little girl and the reindeer and they work beautifully again.

The purple one just really doesn't work for me so much. Perhaps either the heart would have to be purple or something would have to change to red in the purple elements.

I wasn't sure if I just liked the right hand ones because of placement (did you know restaurants put the more expensive stuff in the top right corner because that's where more people tend to look?) -- but I made them into a horizontal row and still chose the same two as favorites.

Rebecca Bush said...

Nice piece, Tara. I like how your illustration adds "action" to this often statically depicted subject. I love the little partridge trying to stay atop the tree and the youthful enthusiasm of the boy.

Color comp?
Bottom right, hands down. Rich colors in a few select places counterbalance the white areas. The red and green work. The brown hair, brown boots create a nice triangular path for the eye to follow.

One last thing: Can you put a dragon in the pear tree?

Kathleen said...

I like the bottom right best too. You may want to play around with a very monochromatic one with just a pop of red or a contrasting color. Maybe take out the green so it is gold and red, or push all the colors besides red toward gold. A little dragon would be awfully sweet in that pear tree...