Friday, September 18, 2009

September Critique Meeting -

This month's critique meeting was held at Gudrun's house -

It was cloudy-rainy night that got dark astronomically quickly - yet, we ventured out in the dark to see Gudrun's new waterfall and dry river bed... well as getting a peek at her stone-carving gazebo (complete with wonderful carved polarbear in progress)

We also got to see the score she made at Michelle's garage sale, where many studies and paintings were sold for a mere pittance...

Speaking of Michelle, she continues to teach and teach and teach and paint and paint and paint (selling a couple every month at the gallery). We also got to enjoy an amazing ginger-with strawberries-cake by Jo. Happy Birthday Michelle!

Kathleen showed us samples from her summer-long human anatomy project, as well as her latest experiments in media - this watercolor/colored pencil approach is a total win.

Rebecca made a welcome appearance. We got to see samples of her digital tarot deck on her computer.

Jo showed us sketches from our latest horse book -

I showed some of the WIPs horsey covers...

Sarah... What can we say about Sarah? She brought in a series of 2 minute edits of some of the radio stories she's been working on, catered to the working styles of each of us... Only Sarah...

She also shared a 'favorite things' drawing from her recent adventure in Greece...

And Suzy, who has also been teaching up a storm. This particular project looks particularly fun - etched plexiglass used in her press. Wanna try me some!

Nice meeting girls.

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michelle said...

It's a good thing you cropped that photo of me, because that is one strange looking face I'm making as I blow out the candles!