Sunday, September 20, 2009

An Obama Odyssey

I think I just couldn't bear to do think about this book for a little while--it really was a tough experience, especially for a summer project. That said, I am very proud of it and I think that both Michelle and I will be thrilled with the results. If she had not drawn all of these characters (and been in such a good mood about doing so!!!), this would not have been possible!
Issues ranged from PERSPECTIVE, sometimes an arch enemy, sometimes a friend. PA from The Night Before Christmas visited the Oval Office for a size study, and I ended up building about nine little sets to determine that in the end, the "wrong" perspective seemed to work best for the stage illusion.

COSTUMES were fun, especially for the women!

Because Michelle did the drawings, the CHARACTERS went pretty smoothly.
And THINGS are always easy!

BUT despite Michelle's fine portrait drawings, PORTRAITS are just really, really difficult. I discovered that you cannot simply wash over an existing drawing with color--you have to understand the subject completely, just like the original portrait artist. I found the women easier--probably because I used to spend hours redrawing illustrations from Nancy Drew books when I was little! But Obama, despite his unique features, was sooooo difficult and I am still not thrilled--but the setting and the title should give everyone a clue as to who he is...I think!

So very glad it is finished!!


isobel said...

Hi Jo - Impressive and fun, I would have loved to see the whole book! That's great that Michelle helped with the people drawings! Nice!

Sarah said...

Wheee! Congratulations on your PRESIDENTIAL success. Good lessons learned, great teamwork, and gorgeous results. You and Michelle make fantastic collaborators. I laughed to see the man in his nighty shuffling through the portrait gallery. I sure hope you get to deliver a copy straight into the hands of the president. He could probably learn a few things from you about his decor after all your careful research. Can you give yourself a day off to relax, go riding, and bask in the glow of a job well done?