Monday, August 10, 2009

Fantastical Work at Roc la Rue

It was inspirational to pay a visit to the Roc la Rue Gallery to view in the work of Nicoletta Ceccoli and Eric Fortune last weekend.
Nicoletta, whose reproduced work I was familiar with, creates incredibly perfect little surrealistic scenarios, which fall somewhere between Medieval art and what if Salvadore Dali was a children's book illustrator. Her subjects are painstakingly rendered in acrylic on paper but often float within the most dreamy gauze backgrounds, a nice contrast between detail and atmosphere.
Eric Fortune's work is just as carefully crafted in a multitude of layers of acrylic wash in a technique that is so subtle and fantastic that I don't believe that reproduction does it justice. Ethereal, haunting and lovely are words that come to mind in describing his work.
The show ends August 15th, unfortunately, but you can catch a glimpse of the works on the gallery's website.

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