Monday, August 17, 2009

Annie the Cow

Annie the cow again! Here she is about to take a dunk in the water. I really had fun with this, using oil pastels layered with acrylic medium and finished with a little colored pencil. Instead of watercolor paper I used illustration board, it has a nice surface, smooth but not slick. Any comments? I think I should push the value a little bit more.

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Rebecca Bush said...

She's fun and I love the jaunty oar placement which takes a centered composition and introduces the feeling of imbalance that is called for! I agree with you, Kathleen, that it needs to have an increased value range: It's sunrise/sunset, (judging from the fact that the yellow in the sky is brighter than the foreground colors) so the boat bottom under Annie,under the seat, the water under the dock and the bow of the other boat could go darker.
Also, is there a ghost child by the wall on the left? That's intriguing.