Friday, June 26, 2009

Critique Meeting - June

Had a nice, relaxed meeting. Complete with 'studio kitty'.

Michelle remains busy as always - she's running the kid's table at Bothell's Art Fair this weekend, she's working on dozens and dozens of paper doll figures (in conjunction with Jo) and finishing up this beautiful house 'portrait' commission.

Here's one of Jo's incredible and elaborate White House sets. She is one hard working girl!

Also busy Suzy - she's teaching classes out of her studio. Here's her new sign.

And here's one of the silk paintings of one of her students.

And here is her finished wax-sculpted octopus. Awaiting its reincarnation into bronze.

I'm trying to finish up the piece I worked on at the Illustrators Master Class.

Sarah is having multiple exciting adventures (as per her usual). She also finished her wax octopus, awaiting its next stage....

Gudrun shared her expert input all about. What would we do without her?

And Marty! This time around she brought examples of her bout with Japanese tie-die -

-so many beautiful examples!

My favorite being the Leech Socks! heh.
(Kathleen, we totally missed you).

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