Monday, May 11, 2009

This Green & Pleasant Land

We are back from a wonderful week in London where even the weather cooperated. The first thing I noticed on the ride into town was how everything was BLOOMING--they were about 10 days ahead of us with our wet and chilly half-spring.

In about two days I noticed that my walking shoes only coped well for about 7 hours in our 12 hour days, but fortunately we had a nice tub to soak my poor feet in each night. We WALKED and WALKED through narrow lanes, across bustling roads, over heath, over dale (not really sure what that is, but I am sure we did it), across the bridges and through the parks. It was GREAT!

We went to three plays, one which involved AMAZING life-size puppets (totally inadequate word) of horses manned by three people each. Danny balked at seeing a bollywood production of Wuthering Heights (I thought the conceptual daring alone deserved our attendance!). Oh well, another time. If the weather had not been so nice, I would have seen another two at least.

The manuscript illuminator in me went crazy over the abundance of carvings and reliefs on the buildings, from small row houses to gorgeous buildings to museum pieces.

I fell in love with chimneys!

Of course, we managed to have tea and pastry at all times!

And Anne Mortimer's and Leslie Anne Ivory's cats were just
waiting for us.

There was beautiful birdsong everywhere and so many gardens on tiny plots, in squares and of course the big parks. Both wild and manicured, so lovely in this huge urban setting.

It was a lovely and inspiring break!

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