Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St. Patrick's Day was celebrated in style at the Secret Garden Bookshop with an event to introduce the book Shannon and the World's Tallest Leprechaun (written by Sean Callahan and illustrated by me). There was green punch, cookies and a four leaf clover hunt.
But best of all was the performance by Irish dancers from the Tara Academy, who danced many different reels and jigs in both soft and hard shoes. They were amazing! The dances were not only incredibly intricate and tricky to do but they had to navigate in between bookcases, mobiles overhead and very tiny children in the front row.
Lots of friends and family came, including POBL members Jo, Sarah, Michelle and Tara.


Rebecca Bush said...

Very cool, Kathleen! I love the step dancers!

In that photo you look like you are thinking, "Where were you when I needed models to sketch?"
Well, luckily you had your video to study. :)

Nice to see everyone wearing a bit o' the green.

isobel said...

Sorry I missed this! I can see it was the green place to be on St. Patties day! Fun to see Poblites big smiles! Worth it to see the kids step dancing. Did you demonstrate a little? Wonderful!