Friday, December 12, 2008

December Critique Meeting -

Festive meeting tonight - many lovely projects in the making...

Suzy - busy as always - had another silk scarf session with friends, and has four very gorgeous horse drawings in process...

Michelle continues to paint the socks off the rest of us, as her work becomes more and more accomplished, and she continues to uncover deeper levels of artistic self-discovery and proficiency.

Kathleen is one of an elite few offering their studios up for an SCBWI tour in February (here is her 'invitation' illustration). She is also doing completely engaging drawings of cow adventures.

Sarah - again continues to dazzle with her top-notch collaborations. Now with bugs! And more painted instruments who are going to be involved in multidimensional journeys when they grow up.

(Here she is posing with our POBL mascot - Matisse)

(The other mini-mascot, B(eatrice), is growing up quickly to be a high-energy, feisty kitty.

It was Jo's birthday this month, and we were graced with not one, but *two* luscious, chocolate themed cakes to celebrate the occasion. (Yum, and thanks Suzy).
Jo and Tara are both about done with the remaining horse sketches. And are awaiting approvals at this point before getting on to the last big push to finish up books #7 and #8.

Gudrun is sketching up a storm - both chimps (which she is mentally working out a book project around, hopefully for when she goes to Africa in 6 months) and horses.

Isobel visited tonight, and showed us her progression in her 'carved' abstracts, now with even more color! (beautiful, complex and effective).

And we held our annual holiday card exchange - this time with *books*, recipes and caricatures in addition to all the art. I'm acquiring a beautiful and impressive collection of these!
Happy holidays all.

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