Saturday, November 15, 2008

November Critique Meeting -

Thanks ladies for a nice, relaxing meeting full of lovely talent -

Michelle, of course, is busy juggling many projects - teaching four days a week, working on some seasonal things for sale as well as up to 40 pieces for a personal show at Kaiwyn Gallery in the spring and planning for the kid's art project for the Bothell Fair...

Gudrun (who is recovering from eye surgery only *yesterday*) is saying goodbye to her daughter who is going back to Africa for a year. Luckily, it sounds like Gudrun will get to go visit her there!

Kathleen is working on a *large* poster - still playing with media, searching for that perfect balance! (and discovered a new clear, plastic covering that does not pick up pastel - what was it called again Kathleen?)

Jo and Tara - both still working on horses - and showing the first four books now in print.

Suzy just had a silk scarf painting event for Tom's office. Amazingly beautiful stuff, as always.

Sarah came with large stack of startlingly beautiful (and accurate) paintings of blue tuna - along with fascinating and impressive tuna factoids. :-)

But then, the star of the night was the new studio mascot - B(eatrice).

- who spent the first hour or so snuggling and sleeping on my chest.

She's a honey! :-)


michelle said...

Thanks Tara for posting all of the great pictures!!!

Elizabeth said...

Beatrice is absolutely beautiful.