Monday, October 20, 2008

This Month's Critique Meeting -

For this month's meeting, we returned to our old stomping grounds at the Barnes and Noble Cafe, since our normal hostess, Suzy, was not available this evening.

Michelle continues to stay busy-busy painting and teaching. Her stuff gets more beautiful all the time.

I am still waiting approvals on the latest batch of covers, so I had them to show in person to the group.

Jo brought her latest batch of horse interior drawings for critiques -

Kathleen finished up the painting she started (and was inspired to paint) at the retreat. This one in watercolor, gouache and pastels.

Gudrun and Sarah updated us on their latest adventures (Gudrun's plans to visit her daughter in Africa), (Sarah's adventures in radio producing, and being *on air*).

Treats and drinks were consumed. Books were bought. Schedules set.

Good meeting all.

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