Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Some people’s worst nightmare is suddenly waking up naked in a room full of strangers. (Okay, where is she going with this you ask?) I’ve discovered that my worst nightmare is being in front of a camera, particularly a video camera, especially with LINES that I have to REMEMBER, and ESPECIALLY when I have to go last, so one mistake means I’ve ruined it for everyone!

That said, Tara (equally doubtful about the whole video thing) and I survived the ordeal, mainly thanks to her patient and professional husband Ed, who was very understanding of our phobic attitude towards the camera.

And Remy made it better too—although I think he would have much preferred to stand “chatting’ without a halter as usual, and simply couldn’t understand why we were putting one on him when he is always willing to come for a talk and a treat and to just hang out a bit.

But after that, it was back to the drawing board quite literally for both of us. Horses, horses, horses!

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Kathleen said...

What was this for again? Can we see the finished video? Wow, your famous!