Monday, September 01, 2008

August Critique Meeting -

August critique meeting - a bit late in the month.

Michelle (of course) brought several beautiful samples -

(I *love* this one) - sorry for the wonky angles - too much camera glare otherwise.

I thought the glass in this was gorgeous.

Jo and Suzy supplied us with noms - mock cheesecake(Jo) and black pansy and lemon verbena sorbet (Suzy). Suzy just finished 'cousin camp' with a fused glass project and they are both working on Wind Dancer horses.

Gudrun brought a most intriguing and appealing polar bear sculpture -

It's still in-process, but she sounds pretty darn addicted. :-)

Kathleen finished a cute educational project, in record time.

Sarah has been made FULL producer at the radio station, and Tara is working on all four of the next Wind Dancer covers. She and Jo will be doing a promotional video for Feiwel & Friends this week.

Next up: The Retreat!!

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michelle said...

Thanks Tara for posting a recap of our meeting, it's fun to be able to revisit our time together. Only one more week until retreat time!!!