Tuesday, July 29, 2008

July's Critique Meeting -

For Rebecca's benefit (we miss you!) - a brief overview:

It was Suzy's birthday this month. Jo supplied us with a most luscious coconut (and peaches) cake. Suzy has been busy with a new round of animal illustrations for her publisher as well silk painting and teaching (cousin camp is on again this summer). We also got to see her silk steamer in action which gurgled on through the meeting.

Besides amazing coconut cake - there were champagne grapes and Kathleen brought killer chocolate cookies (1 lb chocolate per batch), and we had drinks spiked with raspberries and mint springs from Suzy's garden.

Michelle stays busy painting and teaching. She's also been commissioned to produce a painting for the city of Snohomish - for their 150th anniversary of becoming a city. Plus, her work is 'yummier' to see every month!

Kathleen has made a media breakthrough. Oil pastels and matt medium! She's continuing on with her folk musicians and practicing and refining her new found technique.

Jo continues to draw horses for the Wind Dancer series. Here is her spiffy poster that Breyer is using as a promo piece. (If you ask nicely, she may even sign one for you. :-)

Gudrun continues to find inspiration in the new grand baby with her new parents.

Sarah - ever involved in interesting projects - showed us pieces of art made from huge compilations of fossilized shark's teeth! They are beautiful. And will be huge when displayed.
Tara is juggling fairy covers, horse covers and interiors and a new Christmas book. In all of her spare time, she wants to work on her 'grown up' fantasy portfolio and maybe write a children's book... ha.
Until next month then...


Rebecca Bush said...

Thanks for sharing-- it is great to see everyone and what they are doing!

isobel said...

Beautiful to see all the work!fossilized sharks teeth - Sarah I'm so curious. Love to see the work! I have to keep the inspriation of your productivity and creativity and check in here. Thanks for posting this. (and taste?) Coconut peach... someone has to tell me about that!