Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Beatrix Potter!

You know how Google's homepage sometimes has a special design for a day? Yesterday it was full of little animals and that's how I discovered that it was Beatrix Potter's Birthday.

I think we all must love Beatrix Potter but after I did a little investigation, I love her even more!

Besides making the best animal books, she was also an accomplished fine artist, a mycologist and early nature preservationist! 

She could be the patron saint of the POBL society.



tlc illustration said...

I second that notion! (Patron saint indeed. I want to *be* her when I grow up). I had wondered why Peter Rabbit was gracing google yesterday.

Have you seen "Miss Potter"? Worth it! I admire her greatly.]]Thanks for this Rebecca.

Anonymous said...

Smiling at the thought of being her too! Aside from the fact that I have always loved rabbits and had rabbit friend pets... Living and painting in the English country side is quite a comforting thought. She did a lot to conserve English country side. I loved the movie. Oh that I could have more nature and less city right now. :)

Anonymous said...

anonymous said is Me! I forgot to login.. Isobel