Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Kitten Post

Introducing the newest member of our household, Miss Arabella, also known as Little Pickle. She has unfortunately been quite sick the past five days but I think the antibiotic, reluctantly succumbed to on Sunday night, is finally working. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

The curiosity of the other two cats increases daily, although we can't have them come into the room until she is all better -- there is a plexiglass doorway for optimum viewing. Hopefully it will all work out, especially with our difficult girl, Natasha. Sometimes it would just be SO much easier if cats were like dogs -- but I guess they wouldn't be cats then, would they?

It is wonderful to be free from that horrendous deadline--and spending so much time in my studio (kitten space for a few weeks) I have made my way through tons of files and reference magazines that have been accumulating for years. And I have even managed to paint a bit too -- although this kitten who doesn't drink water from her bowl is way too interested in my paint water!

Meow to all.


Rebecca Bush said...

What a tiny little cutie! A lot of personality for a little girl. Thanks for the pics!

Rebecca Bush said...
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