Saturday, February 02, 2008

Suzy's Artistic Goals for 2008

First a confession: I have never been much good at setting professional goals but am hopeful that this opportunity to clarify and specify my plans for the upcoming year will help me achieve them. Accordingly, my primary artistic goal for 2008 is to market and sell my art.
I will focus primarily on marketing my seaweed pressings to the decorative art market through interior decorators and trade publications. Recognizing potential markets for silk paintings (especially large ones) is my secondary goal while keeping open to installation possibilities. Thirdly, I do not want to neglect my small yupo paintings as I believe they are appropriate for the greeting card market but for this goal to be met I will need to secure an agent in the field. For the moment I will put on the back burner the goal of having my watercolor paintings shown and sold in a galleries in Hawaii and abroad especially since I need to obtain the time to create many more of them.
My secondary artistic goal is to continue making art and to push my art creatively into new territory by making it exciting, engaging, and compositionally strong while not loosing the joyful process of artmaking that I now enjoy. Part of achieveing this goal however, depends on prioritising my time so that art becomes a central focus in my life and takes scheduling precedence which is unfortunately, not currently the case.
My dear Poblites: I welcome and encourage your support and suggestions towards these goals. You have become a large part of of my creative life and I value and respect your input and advice. Without you I would not be the artist that I am and hope to become in the future.


isobel said...

Thank you Suzy! This is nudging me forward. You accomplish alot. I think the question (and it especially applies to me) am I progressing in a straight line to do what I really want, or accomplishing what comes along. Busy mom's with spouses that arn't able to be the "catch-all" for what comes up, that is the conflict that needs clarifying for me. I know I need concentration time, creative time, uninterupted time, a great deal of it. Hard to snip it up into little bits and be satified. This is a great discussion. Overcoming the demons to this progress involves the cause and addressing it while being compassionate and supportive for ourselves and keeping in mind our values in the long term.

Kathleen said...

It is difficult to juggle all of these priorities. Especially when they are at cross purposes: creating art vs selling art. You might have to be a little bit protective of your time, don't anser the phone in the mornings for example, learn to say no to some of the many little requests that encroach on your days. It's hard to do at first, especially when you are then faced with a blank canvas!

michelle said...

Kathleen has hit the nail on the head. The hardest part of being an artist seems to be taking the scary plunge of committing a major chunk of your day to creating art. Which in turn means getting rid of distracting activities that don't support your goals. I find that there's a lot in my life that ended up being "filler". It's almost as if you set yourself on the burner for simmer and wait 'til the extra is boiled off you have a distilled version of you. Once again it's the whole priorities thing. This is NOT easy and often quite uncomfortable. As creative people it's hard not to get caught up in all of the possibilites.

Rebecca Bush said...

You have my support and encouragement, Suzy!

Here's a technique that's been very helpful to me:

It's been really helpful for me to not only articulate my major goals, but to break them down into bite sized pieces. For instance, on Monday morning, I make a list of projects that I want to work on for the week (for me it's: rewrite brochure, experiment with abstract painting, work on pet portraits in progress, write letters, practice guitar, etc). I actually write the list on a clipboard that I keep in a prominent location (I'm visual, so I need something that I can see easily in case I get distracted). At the beginning of the day I will chose 3-4 things upon which I will try to put in at least 30 minutes per day (obviously some will take more time) so that I feel like I have made some progress, even if just a tiny bit, every day. It helps build my confidence and I believe that it all adds up in the end. It's good to keep the momentum going, because it's a journey, after all, not a destination!