Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Plans for this year -

My art goals for this year are a bit atypical - for, this year, my aim is for them NOT to take over my life! I am working towards (after this next crazy production schedule):

1. More balance between work, family and personal life.

2. Taking some time OFF after this next project. (I am telling everyone I know to SLAP me if I even consider taking on another job right after this one! I need May and probably June off)....

3. After a bit of time not working to hopefully gain some perspective, then re-evaluate and see how much of my time I am willing to devote to professional pursuits.....

4. Spending time with my kids and in my garden this year!

I opt to re-evalute mid-year when I can give some thought to #3, and then maybe have a new, more specific list of art plans for this year, and for longer term.


Rebecca Bush said...

I support you in your pursuit of balance! :)

It is a worthy goal... to do the work we love, but also to have time to play and be with those we love....and enjoy life!

Here's to a wonderful 2008 of art and life!

isobel said...

Bravo Tara for making this public declaration. You indeed are a rich in spirit person and the bank account becomes low when we do too much of one thing. That said, you have accomplished some pretty fine illustrations that make us all blown away. Best of luck in this!