Saturday, December 01, 2007

Developing a Style

Someone asked the question, "How did you develop your style?" Good question!
I've always drawn the way I've drawn-- you could look at my cartoons drawn in 1976 and what I am painting & drawing now and there's no doubt that they're created by the same person. I fell in love with 1930's style cartooning when I was young and it has definitely influenced the way I draw.
Yet, there's no doubt that I've taken that source (and many others) and developed it into something uniquely my own over the years. It's just something that happens, a natural evolution. Like so much else in life and art, you can't really plan it, you just have to "do it".
This summer I created a painting of a Beaver in a different painting style than my usual, and ended up painting over it (in this photo the dam and the beaver and the ground beneath him are painted over) to get it back to my "style". You can read more about this and my musings about style in my post "What's my Style" at my blog, Into the Fern Forest.

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Kathleen said...

I agree that style has to evolve on its own, although it is important to be tuned in to what is working for you. I have fallen into the trap of trying to be "stylistic", adding florishes and such to please a client, it never works out very well.That said, it is a good excercise to experiment with different mediums and techniques to push our own boundries. It can also be a fun practice to "borrow" our favorite artists' style, sometimes that is the place where our own style rises to the surface in contrast.