Friday, November 09, 2007

Inside Story Exclusive!

Last night at Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park saw the gathering of 19 local children's book illustrators and authors, a Seattle SCBWI tradition called "The Inside Story".
POBL's own Tara Larsen Chang and Kathleen Kemly were among the artists who appeared on stage to give a glimpse into their personal experiences, or "inside story" that inspired the work in their newly released books.
Kathleen appeared with author Rae McDonald, who shared the real life story of riding her bike next to a river full of apples that was the inspiration for their book, "A Fishing Surprise".
Tara presented the lovely original artwork for her Mermaid cover and shared her life long love of the magical and natural worlds that made illustrating "The Fairy Chronicles" an ideal assignment.
We were also treated to presentations ranging from Amanda Lumry, who travels the world photographing polar bears and penguins, to Julie Paschkis, who paintings were inspired by the colorful folk art and textiles of many countries.
All in all it was a truely inspirational evening. Congratulations to Kathleen and Tara, and thanks for sharing your lovely work.

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