Saturday, November 10, 2007

An Evening Out

Dinner and a lecture on horse
anatomy--what an active group!

We had a delightful time at Vios,
sharing delicious food and good
conversation. Suzy and Sarah, you
were sorely missed, and Marty was
a welcome guest. It's so lovely how
we have all become friends as well as

The lecture was interesting and although accurate on horse anatomy, not always so on horse behavior (apparently horses don't mind in the least when a 200 pound person climbs onto their back-- so much for the past four years of trying to attain a deep and balanced seat). I was much reassured about the 3-dimensional aspects (i.e. two pounds of plasticene required) of my upcoming class and impressed by my teacher's obvious knowledge -- he was not the speaker--in conversation with him afterwards. Fortunately I didn't embarrass myself before I figured out that I was sitting next to him!

[Later - you can see the blog entry on the Gage chapter of the evening over at Silver Apples.]


Rebecca Bush said...

That was fun! I am definitely going back to Vios for lunch and saving room for baklava. The horse anatomy lecture was very interesting! Quadruped back legs have been demystified for me-- I never understood why their "knees" went backward. Now I will have a hard time looking at a horse and not seeing it as a strange insect walking upon 4 claw like toes!

tlc illustration said...

Thanks for posting Jo. I'm still thinking fondly of those grape-leafy things... And your eggplant!