Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tis the Season!

Just thought I'd post this photo of my Halloween '07 designs for Party Partners. Working in the seasonal goods design business, I often lose track of when holidays really occur... I designed these last winter and photographed them in the spring, but now is the time to actually break them out and decorate. It feels so right!
Happy Haunting!


tlc illustration said...

I love these Rebecca! (and hope in whatever capacity you are working that you will still design Halloween decorations!)

Anonymous said...

I love these too Rebecca and own 12treat boxes. Don't know if they're mass produced but they sure appear hand rendered. I collect. Have the garlands too and its a joy to find this type of art/craft. I look forward each year to your Halloween pieces. I hope its always as exciting for you to design as it is for we collectors to find. Betty.