Friday, October 26, 2007

Retreat Rapture

How to pick a moment out of so many favorite memories? One special one that stands out is (and this happens every year) waking up in the morning to the happy hum of conversation downstairs with the prospect of a full day of art, art, (food), and ART. With so many responsibilties at home that finding studio time is almost impossible on many days, the luxury of multiple retreat days with almost unlimited time to create makes me almost giddy.

May our retreat continue forever!


tlc illustration said...

Hooray for Suzy posting! :-) (Who took that picture of you Suzy? Were they standing on the table?)

It was so fun to see your panels nearing completion last night.

suzy said...

thanks Tara!
Isobel took the photo (with my camara) along with a bunch of other great ones that I had to select from--she was standing on the picnic table.
Tom closed up the cabin this weekend and said it was 14 degrees Friday night making it the coldest spot in the entire state!