Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A Favorite Retreat Memory

One of my favorite memories is from our first retreat. I came down early one morning, although fortunately someone had already made a pot of coffee. I took my mug into the living room and sat down by Gudrun, who was already drawing, and we proceeded to have a deep discussion about color and value as we drank coffee, and she sketched, and the rest of you slowly made your way sleepily through the living room and into the kitchen. That's when I realized the wonder of this time away from everything but ART. It wasn't just a few hours set aside in a day, but all of the in-between times, the before times, the after times--all of it was to be centered around creativity from more formal discussions to inspirational treks, to experimenting with ideas and media, to sharing knowledge and thoughts. Everything supports our creative endeavors--tables are cleared off at the last possible moment, vegetables are chopped next to palettes and pads, we become impromptu models as artist draws artist. It is a completely centered time, both as individuals and as a group.

But, I know you all expected my favorite memory to be a FOOD one! So, not to disappoint, here is Sarah's beautiful breakfast fruit tray. (I also regret to inform you that I am now seriously addicted to lime tortilla chips.) We do eat gloriously up there, no doubt about it, lime chips aside.

It is an experience simultaneously intense and relaxing, that deepens the group bond yet promotes individual reflection, and it is a deeply satisfying space in time that sets my inner creative clock for the entire year to come.


Sarah said...

Jo, what lovely, lyrical entry! Ready your words transported me back to the cabin. Sarah

michelle said...

Beautiful entry Jo, I so admire your ability to capture the feel of the beloved people, place and time.

tlc illustration said...

Mmmmm... You are so right. That is the thing I appreciate the most (well, except for maybe the food) is the total art-immersion aspect of the entire weekend.