Friday, October 05, 2007

Bumping Lake memory collage

Reaching the point of travel when we no longer have cell phone service, so much freedom!
The smell of evergreens and fall as we unpack the car.
Suzy the wonder woman confidently doing her magic to create electricity, water and heat.
As we arrive in small groups, excited voices planning their adventures.
Glorious evening meals with conversation which is as rich, complex, and deeply satisfying as the food we eat.
Time to wonder off with tools in hand and paint whatever my heart desires.
Knowing that the magic doesn't end with the weekend, we carry the spark all through the year with our meetings, emails and phone conversations.


Rebecca Bush said...

You've rekindled some great magic memories, Michelle, not unlike your efforts to keep the fireplace well stocked and tended to on those chilly evenings!

tlc illustration said...

Agreed! This is lovely Michelle... Makes me want to go right back.