Friday, September 28, 2007

Favorite Bumping Lake Memory

All I need to do is ask myself this question of favorite memory, and as though I am cranking the butterfly handle on a manual can opener, the contents begin to spill out. Simply stating a favorite tonight will likely lead to much argument in my mind in the ensuing days, as the corners of my thought memory begin to stream many glowing memories out. But there is one very special memory to share. On arrival 2006, I took a hike up the trail on the backside of the cabin to show the friend who brought me up there the begining of the hydro - electricity generating system and beyond that to the "secret" and lush waterfall (shhhh I won't tell about the little beings who inhabit it).
Hopping and skipping like a wild hare, from rock to rock, balancing along the logs crossing the stream, until the pine needle soft path cutting alongside the forrested hill. I began to feel I was in slow motion, hyper aware of the floating light that sifted between the trees. The georgeous nurturing earth colors and smells were all around with a spectacular huge boulder in stunning granite adorning the side of the trail. Then suddenly at the opening where the rock fall covers the upper-side of the trail, it began to snow - in the sun! The reflected rays from on the sparkling ice crystals showering the sky with the granit backdrop - the forrest was all gleaming in the sunlight. It was one of those cathartic moments when everything means everything all at once, or you feel the presence of spirit. Like a bar of a grand symphony, I felt that I was in the audience for a very pure and special moment in this magically beautiful place. I intended to hike up there this year and went the lake direction instead. It must be a moment too special to type over just yet. Ahhhh...... Only one favorite.... but more wanting to come out!!! It almost isn't fair to post a photo of this as you really had to be there. I have one, I'll think about it.



Rebecca Bush said...

Maybe you can make a piece of art about that moment! I'd like to see it!

izzychat said...

Thanks for the challenge. How to capture the essence with my set of tools!

tlc illustration said...

It sounds like a perfect moment. (You can post a picture that is just reminiscent of the retreat - it doesn't have to capture your wonderfully descriptive prose in entirety..)