Tuesday, July 31, 2007

From Here to There, Early Influences are Everywhere!

Here are some illustrators that were early influences, and still my favorites:

Dr. Seuss's wild imagination and affirming humor captured my heart at an early age.

Ernest H. Shepard's illustrations for Winnie-the-Pooh perfectly portrays both the spirit of the tiny stuffed animals come-to-life and the humongous trees of the 100 Aker Wood with his scratchy scribbley pen and ink style.

Several of Sir John Tenniel's illustrations for Alice in Wonderland (and not all of them, many of which I find stiff and dull) are among my all time favorites. I spent many hours copying the illustration of the caterpillar on the mushroom and also the Cheshire Cat.

The same goes for John R. Neill's illos for The Oz Series. While I don't find all of them engaging, several of them are, to me, fantastic. I copied this picture of Polychrome, the Rainbow's Daughter, many, many times.

This has been an interesting exercise: I realize that all of my early fave's were done in pen & ink, a medium that I don't use much right now, but perhaps need to get back into....


Parrish70 said...

I just found this blog yesterday and am very intrigued. I have always love children's book illustration and have plans to illustrate one some day (right now I am trying other things). One of my favorite illustrators is Arthur Rackham. tic illustration someone recently introduced me to Trina Schart Hyman and I had to buy a couple of her books (Rapunzel and The Fortune Tellers)to add to my ever growing collection of children's books. I really like the look of Little Red Riding Hood though and must go look for it. My kids always thought I was buying the books for them...uh...not really. I also really like Hilary Knight's work, although not necessarily the Eloise books. My favorite of his is The Owl and the Pussycat. A couple other recent discoveries for me are K. Y. Craft and Laurel Long. They have wildly intricate illustrations. I hope you keep going with this blog.. it is a great subject for one.=) I will keep checking back. Colleen

Alexiev said...

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