Saturday, August 26, 2006

Quote for the day:

Another quote from Robert Genn that I thought kind of touched on the conversation we were having some time back about understanding art:

Yesterday Todd Plough of Ellicottville, NY wrote: "When artists slip the collar of convention, only then can they roam the forest of new found sites. With skill they may return with their visions for others to see in the code of their paintings. I do not understand the language or code of the birds but I do still love their songs. New visions need not be fully understood--only agreeable. I believe that true genius does not understand the word fear--instead their sails are set by hope of unseen shores."

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Rebecca Bush said...

"True genius does not understand the word fear" Making a conscious effort to avoid "fear based living" has been uppermost in my mind lately. How often when presented with an opportunity will my first response will be to come up with an excuse. But a few trials have shown that if I go ahead and do it anyway, somehow it magically turns out OK, and even great. It's felt incredibly empowering.