Tuesday, July 04, 2006


I'm sorry Michelle for being so "academic" or "adult" in my art show review. I did do the one sentence version though and maybe you could look at the pictures! Summer is easy going and should be, everyone needs a break, or regression time into the spontanaety and perspectives of children. I like to loose myself in fields of wheat and other beautiful landscapes. Just returned from a trip to wheat country among other places (some of John Day fossil beds). Saw the Maryhill Museum - quite a bizarrity! A significant Rodin collection in this huge mansion on the bluffs of the Columbia near the Dalles sort of. Lily my dog was stunned by the peacocks! My first trip there and I recommend it. Look at the photos in the gift shop of the Columbia before they dammed it.


tlc illustration said...

Sounds like a very nice outing!

Everyone is getting lovely sounding vacations... I, alas, will be spending the summer in the studio, and will have to vacation vicariously through you all...

Rebecca Bush said...

I LOVE Maryhill- the minature French Mannequins! The Chess Set Collection!
Don't miss "Stonehenge" near by. I went on this trip back in '94 and have some cool photos. Love the gorge.