Thursday, June 08, 2006

Thanks to Rebecca for setting this up, can't wait to see what we do with it. I'm planning to spend the day in the studio. After spending yesterday gallery hopping I have decided to really narrow down my painting for a while and focus on still life exclusively, in hopes of creating a more cohesive body of work. Wish me luck.


Rebecca Bush said...

Good luck, Michelle! Your strawberries look luscious!
I have been thinking the same thing about focusing on painting landscapes.
I am reading a book about Corot (forefather of modern pleine aire painting). He states in a letter to a friend, "I have only one aim in life, which I wish to pursue steadfastly: it is to make landscapes."
I'm sure if Corot were alive today, he would have blogged it.

tlc illustration said...

:-) Yes, he probably would have. Many artists are seeming to do that now.

Michelle - I think the idea of focusing is a good one. You might even consider a tighter focus by doing some of them as a series - a variation on some theme that appeals to you. I always like seeing that in a body of work - very interesting things seems to occur when a number of pieces are done on the same theme...