Friday, June 23, 2006

Mush for Brains

Well, I've tried to look at the on going discussion that has been posted but I'm ashamed to say I get two sentences in and find I have the attention span of a kindergartener. Maybe it's because I taught that age group in art camp this week. We walked around all morning at the Country Village looking at the shapes in nature, I still seem to be at that level of thinking, "Oooh, look at the flower, can you see the circle shape..." The kids thought it especially funny to quack as we walked, because I had told them I was like the mama duck and they were the ducklings and had to stay right behind me, hence the quacking.


Rebecca Bush said...

I can identify with you, as far as the kids thing goes, Michelle. I am at my sister in law's in Fresno right now with "nieces gone wild"! I would like to paint but if I did, it would turn into a group project. In fact I can't even get my laptop out in front of them or we all have to log into and look at a million tv shows, games, etc. I forget how used I am to being alone and able to do my own thing. Yikes! How you artist mothers ever get anything done is beyond me, but I'm sure it has something to with "boundaries". I've heard of them.... ;)

tlc illustration said...

Your art camp sounded like it went very well. They were cute kids!

Hope your girl's weekend is a blast!