Saturday, June 10, 2006

I love the idea of setting goals for things you have control over. Tara is right it seems obvious but it's easy to forget.

With Ken out of work, I found myself fretting and stewing about our situation (not dire by any means, just uncomfortable). Then I realized my worrying wouldn't help us at all. The best thing I can do is set clear goals for myself in terms of working at my art and teaching, so that I can contribute to our income in a healthy positive way. Now the trick is following through.


tlc illustration said...

Good for you Michelle! I think we tend to be culturally conditioned to feel that if we *worry* we are somehow 'helping' (it feels like we are *doing* something at least...). I think you have alighted upon a much more productive approach!

Good luck! (to both of us!)

Rebecca Bush said...

I second that. I have been guilty of doing too much of the "worrying" kind of "doing"lately myself. It's pretty self defeating.
Nice still life, Michelle!