Sunday, June 18, 2006

Contemporary art review

Peter Waite / PaintingsJune 1 – July 28, 2006
Winston Wachter Fine Art203 Dexter Avenue North, Seattle, WA206-652-5855

I am beginning the discussion of how we respond to contemporary art and how we feel if we have to read to understand what the artist is doing - if we feel this helps us understand, or if it interferes or contradicts our art sense of the work. Essentially, do we ever learn to love a work of art that we previously didn't love. This first example is work that is only a little challenging to me because I think I understood it right away, but that is due to my experience with art and architectural history from the turn of the century and my experience reading about and seeing visual art when I lived in NYC and visited art shows. It's a lot of work, even spending time with works of art that make me want to barf. I'm not sure I have the parience for that now, but I will try to challenge myself.

I loved these paintings at first sight without any reading - although my work in art history as well as my years of pounding the pavement looking at gallery art and reading. When I read the notes, it just confirmed what I saw in person. I loved them because of their profound message to my poetic sense. Kind of the feeling that a play can give. I’ll explain on the next blog, but you might like to look these images first before you read my analysis or the galleries. You could also see them at a Gallery on Dexter on South Lake Union (about 1 block north of Denny Way) and see what kind of feelings they evoke, before you read the meaning. These are not paintings I would necessarily want to hang in my living room, except if I had a home the size of a mini-museum, I would.

I will post my thoughts about the paintings later.


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